Planning your life in Canada, for Americans

With Canada’s immigration system weighted to favor the young, few newcomers look into how their Social Security benefits will transfer, how remote workers can save for retirement, or how their move will impact their disability coverage. I’m not a financial planner, an...

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Winkelmann: the smallest town in Texas

If you find yourself driving on US 290 in east-central Texas, you may see what looks like an abandoned town off to the side of the road. This apparent ghost town is actually a failed tourist trap known as Winkelmann, billed as the “smallest town in Texas.” While the...

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Bring your start-up to Canada

Canada is actively seeking promising entrepreneurs to help grow the economy through the Start-up Visa program. If approved, you’d be able to move to Canada as a permanent resident through the Start-Up Business Class immigration stream. The goal of this program is to...

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Marrying a Canadian

TL;DR: Marriage doesn’t automatically get you a Canadian passport. Any other way to get permanent residency in Canada is faster. Let’s say you meet and fall in love with a Canadian. You have an adorable meet cute, decide to spend the rest of your lives together, and...

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How to retire to Canada

So you want to retire in Canada? The bad news is that there are no immigration programs that would allow you to simply move to Canada after you retire unless you are already a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Most of the immigration programs are aimed at...

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Move to Canada as an Entrepreneur

If you have the financial capital and business experience, there are several programs set up that would allow you to immigrate to Canada and invest in the economy. Each province and territory has their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) with entrepreneur streams to...

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Camp 30

About an hour east from Toronto you’ll find the abandoned remains of Camp 30, once used as a POW camp that once held high ranking German soldiers during World War II. First opened in 1925 as the Bowmanville Boys Training School, the buildings were constructed in the...

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The Pilgrim cemetery at Burial Hill

Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts is one of the oldest colonial cemeteries in America and was an active burial ground until 1957. There are about 2,269 headstones along with an untold number of unmarked graves. It is believed that Burial Hill was first used as a...

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How to study in Canada

You’re never too old to go back to school. As a student, you’ll be able to bring your spouse (or common-law partner) and dependent children with you to Canada during the length of your program. Once you’re accepted into a valid program at a designated learning...

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A remote workers guide to Yorkville, Manhattan

In the 1870’s, German immigrants flocked to Yorkville, a neighborhood on the Upper East Side. While the majority of Yorkville was German, there were plenty of families from Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, and Hungary. While the buildings were technically tenements, they...

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