A few years ago we decided to go to Albany for Independence Day weekend. We booked tickets on Amtrak and decided to walk around and explore the capital city. On a whim, I did some preliminary googling to find out if there was anything out of the ordinary worth seeing. I stumbled across some pictures on Fickr of some abandoned trains and knew we had to find it. There was no location information, so I only knew that it was in Albany…somewhere. I took to Google Maps and started looking around Albany using earth view hoping to find the abandoned train cars. It took some, but eventually I found something that I thought were the trains. It ended up being many miles from where we were staying, but I marked it on the map just in case.

For once, I tried and failed to find out the history of the trains so I don’t know why they’re there or how long they’ve been sitting out there.

When we got to Albany, a series of unfortunate events left us with a lot of time to kill before our return trip back home. It was insanely hot, the place we were staying at didn’t have air conditioning, and most of the restaurants were closed all weekend for the holiday. We basically had nothing to do for 3 days so we figured we might as well take a long walk and try to find the trains.

We started off in the general direction of where I thought the trains were, hoping that we’d eventually come across some sort of path that would lead us right there. That didn’t end up being the case at all. We tried a few paths out but they were all dead ends. Eventually we realized we’d probably have to cross an active train line and a lot of No Trespassing signs. At this point we had already walked about 6 miles in 100°F (38ºC) and didn’t want it to all be for nothing so we went for it.train7

After another hour of walking through the wilderness, we finally found them! They’re on an old rail line that hasn’t been in use for a long time. The back door was open so we climbed in and explored the inside. There was a lot of evidence of this being a local hangout including bullet shells and holes in the walls of the trains. We also quickly saw some foreboding graffiti that made us a bit nervous.

Nonetheless, we trekked on and explored the full train before heading back downtown. By the end of the day we were exhausted and overheated, but we were pretty thrilled that we successfully found the abandoned trains and didn’t have our cameras stolen. 

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