Landing in Canada

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Best and worst airport bars

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Moving to Quebec

Quebec has different immigration requirements than the rest of the provinces. You could certainly use one of the general programs for immigration to Canada to move to Quebec. However, Quebec offers specific programs for...

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All the ways you can move to Canada, legally

Everything you need to know, from two people who've done it. So, you want to move to Canada If you're looking to immigrate to Canada, there are a number of pathways to permanent residency and citizenship. Here's a quick overview of how they all work, so you can make...

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A primer for would-be expats

Is moving to Canada the right choice for you? A lot of people like to daydream about moving somewhere new, living a better life. There are some other things to think about that many of us overlook. What does it take to immigrate? What rights do you have in another...

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When Casey and I met, I proposed we walk to all of the wastewater treatment plants in the five boroughs. She agreed for the novelty of it, but quickly became just as obsessed with it as I was. There aren't that many, but they're in...

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How we moved to Canada

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