Chances are you’ve heard about the ship graveyard in Staten Island. It’s officially known as the Donjon Iron and Metal Scrap Processing Facility where old boats are stored after being collected by the owners and salvaged for parts. The Arthur Kill is the titdal strait separating Staten Island from New Jersey and is also known as the Staten Island Sound. On the other side of the boat graveyard is Carteret, New Jersey.

Once we knew it existed we knew we had to see it for ourselves. One day we decided it was time to see it for ourselves. Not knowing much more than a location that we were able to confirm with google maps, we bribed somebody with a car to drive us out there. When we visited several years ago, there weren’t any No Trespassing signs and we weren’t sure if we were on private property or not. More recently, No Trespassing signs have been posted and there’s no way to pretend otherwise. You can still go and take a closer look from the shore though!

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