Move to Canada

You can move to Canada

You don’t need a job, a sham marriage, or an attorney to move to Canada.

Interest in moving to Canada has skyrocketed in the US and UK, but there is little helpful information on how to make the move. With How to Move to Canada, there’s finally a comprehensive guide to moving to Canada from two Americans who’ve immigrated themselves.

Moving to Canada is more complicated than simply crossing the border, but it’s achievable without resorting to ‘greencard’ marriages to sympathetic Canadians. Many people are even able to immigrate without a job offer.

This comprehensive guide explains the different programs allowing people from around the world to move to Canada, either temporarily or permanently. It goes in-depth to explain the new Express Entry system, including exactly how long the process takes and how much it costs to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Most importantly, How to Move to Canada lets readers know exactly what newcomers to Canada can expect. Find out how to utilize your network to get a job offer before you arrive. Learn everything you need to know about settling in Canada, from bringing all of your worldly possessions through customs to setting up a bank account and finding a new doctor.

Written by two former New Yorkers, Cori Carl and Casey Daly, this guide explains the immigration process clearly and concisely while sharing their personal immigration experience.

How to Move to Canada is available on Amazon.


  • How to qualify for the various immigration programs
  • What to expect: timeline, cost, and requirements
  • Finding a job in Canada
  • What it means to be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Moving belongings to Canada through customs
  • Healthcare in Canada
  • Banking in Canada and understanding currency conversion
  • Canadian politics
  • Pathways to Canadian citizenship

Reader Reviews

“This is a very helpful guide – thank you. We’d been reading various websites, focusing on whether or not we *wanted* to move to Canada, without even considering whether we would be *allowed* to.” – Ben Jones

“Thanks for this overview!! I’ve tried reading through the CIC websites and couldn’t figure out if this would work for me, but after reading this I’m pretty sure it will!” – Jenny B.

Thank You Cori for sharing! You have organized the information so clearly 🙂 I received my ITA under CEC recently and was starting to feel overwhelmed in navigating the process on my own. This has definitely put my mind at ease 🙂 – Manta Pam

“Thank you so much for this guide! It helps so much!” – Anthony Caruso

“Thank you so much for this guide” – Graziella Brincat

About the Authors


Cori Carl is an American living in Toronto. She serves family and professional caregivers around the world as Director of The Caregiver Space. She received her MA at Baruch and her BA from the New School, both in New York City.

Casey Daly is an American living in Toronto. She works in software development and application support after receiving her MLIS from the Pratt Institute and her BA from Mills College.

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How to Move to Canada

Cori Carl & Casey Daly

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ISBN-13: 978-1535460613


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