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Unlike many travel bloggers, we have a home base — Toronto, Canada. We aren’t living on the road; we’re American expats who work remotely. We have a beautiful home in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Our traveling style is a mix of off-beat attractions, historic sights, and whatever our feet take us to. We enjoy eating at Michelin restaurants, cheap diners, or even rat prepared on the side of the road. We CouchSurf, rent houseboats, and stay in 5-star hotels. Sometimes we rent cars, but typically stick to public transit to get around when visiting other places, sometimes preferring instead to walk 20 miles in a single day just to see as much as possible.

If you’re a company or tourism organization and you’d like us to share an adventure with you, contact us to discuss partnering with your brand, sponsoring posts, advertising on our site, or having us on your press trip.

Cori Carl

Cori worked with the New York State Department of Tourism’s “I Love New York” program for five years. She’s also worked on international social media campaigns for universities and nonprofits. Cori is a former CouchSurfing Ambassador who has organized numerous events, from intimate gatherings to concerts with hundreds of attendees. She’s also served on the core team of FIGMENT NYC, an event that attracts thousands of participants each summer.

Casey Daly

Casey has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Wells Fargo, FedEx, American Express, Yum! Brands, and Best Buy. She also has an extensive background in application design, user support, software testing, technical writing, and project management. Throughout her career, she’s helped tens of thousands of customers all over the world to resolve technical problems, payment issues, policy concerns, and software questions. Casey has a background in history and is a trained librarian who happens to be obsessed with spreadsheets.

Digital nomads

Cori has been working in the digital marketing space since 2000. Casey has been in market research and technical design since 2006. We both maintain our 9-5 jobs, we just happen to be lucky enough to have jobs that allow us the flexibility of working on the road while remaining 100% debt-free. In addition to 15 Miles, we also provide digital strategy consulting and web development services.

Cori uses an Android, Casey’s an iPhone enthusiast. We have macs, pcs, Chromebooks, and tablets (and still manage to travel light enough that we never check bags, ever).

We are women, homeowners, remote workers, tech nerds, digital nomads, explorers, walkers, hikers, newlyweds, lesbians, writers, young professionals, researchers, developers, designers, amateur historians, urban explorers, transit lovers, photographers, flashpackers, mid-range travelers, traveling couple, Americans, expats, CouchSurfers, roadtrippers, home exchangers, mail artists, fluxus enthusiasts, cartophiles, film aficionados, millennials, street art lovers…

Former New Yorkers

We spent a decade in New York City before immigrating to Canada. After exploring every single neighborhood in the five boroughs on foot, we have a unique perspective of the city.

Queer travel

We met on OKCupid and later got married in New York’s City Hall on our lunch break in 2014. Cori was once featured in Out in Jersey and was in a full-color above-the-fold picture in the Asbury Park Press for her queer activism. We go pretty far off the beaten track, so we certainly don’t limit ourselves to cliché gay destinations.

Solo female budget travel

CouchSurfing took Cori to 30 countries. She’s stayed in squats and luxury homes. She’s prepared gourmet meals from food gathered out of dumpsters in several countries and cooked with hundreds of people. She traveled for a year in Europe and the US with a budget of $5k — and had money left over by the end of it. Since then, she’s hosted over 100 travelers from around the globe while living in Germany, the US, and Canada. We have friends all over the world.

Casey has driven across the USA a dozen times, sleeping in tents, cabins, $12/night motel rooms, and luxury hotels. She’s been to nearly every state in the US with the random exceptions of Kentucky, Montana, and North/South Dakota (future travel destinations).


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Where you can find us

We are based in Toronto and are always looking for great experiences in Canada.

Our families are on the Jersey Shore and Cape Cod, so you’ll find us there frequently.

Cori’s office is in Manhattan, which brings us back to NYC a few times a year.

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We do not write about places or things we have not experienced personally. All reviews reflect our honest opinions; sponsorships do not guarantee a positive review. We don’t recommend gear we don’t like or places that weren’t great, even if it was free.

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