The sandwich boardwalk (AKA Plank Walk) is one of the most scenic spots on Cape Cod, affording some amazing views of Sandwich Harbor. Though only about a quarter mile in length, it seems to stretch out forever in front of you as you walk towards the ocean from the end of Boardwalk Road. National Geographic named it one of the top 10 boardwalks in all of America and is the only walk on the list that contains zero retail, amusements, or attractions aside from the lovely views of the harbor, Mill Creek, and Town Neck beach.

References of a footbridge in this location dates back possibly to 1835, used by locals to search for lobsters. In 1875, the boardwalk received a more official status when it was rebuilt by the town at a cost of $500 to allow for a direct route across the marsh to the beach.

The structure has been partially rebuilt many times over the years each time a storm destroys a section of the boardwalk. Nearly the entire walkway was destroyed in 1991 when Hurricane Bob hit the area, and once again by a blizzard in 2013. Since 1991, funds are collected in forms of donations to help rebuilt the walkway. Planks are sold to business and residents allowing for personalized messages to be engraved into each plank.

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