The layover: 8 hours in Toronto

The shiny new Union-Pearson Express will get you from Pearson Airport (YYZ) to Union Station in 30 minutes. Take this time to charge your phones and get in a quick catnap. You’ve already seen your first Toronto landmark: Union Station. Look across the street and...

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Parks Canada sites near Toronto

When people think of Canadian parks, Banff immediately comes to mind. Luckily for those of us in Toronto, that’s hardly the only Parks Canada site worth visiting. There are lots of national sites that are accessible from Toronto without a flight or an epic road trip....

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Camp 30

About an hour east from Toronto you’ll find the abandoned remains of Camp 30, once used as a POW camp that once held high ranking German soldiers during World War II. First opened in 1925 as the Bowmanville Boys Training School, the buildings were constructed in the...

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48 hours in Hamilton, Ontario

I love taking short trips, so I’ve been asking around about places to visit outside of Toronto. This is what I learned about Hamilton from random people I spoke to: Toronto is expensive and Hamilton is cheap (from people who live there) It was a major industrial city...

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How to experience Toronto like a local

First, it's pronounced Turrono. Or something like that. Things you have to do while in Toronto Go shopping for vinyl, VHS tapes, and cassettes Toronto really is ten years behind. Eat poutine and be super judgemental Is it better than Montreal? Which local place is...

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Toronto neighborhood guide

The neighborhood you live in has a huge impact on how you experience the city. Before you rent your first apartment or buy a condo, you want to make sure you're choosing a place that fits with your lifestyle. Toronto is a big city with lots of distinct neighborhoods....

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