Are you planning a move to Ontario? Or recently arrived?

We’re here to guide other newcomers through immigration and settling.

There are lots of unknowns when you move to a new country. If you’re moving to Ontario, we have comprehensive information on:
  • How to move to Canada, either permanently or temporarily
  • Temporary visas that can lead to permanent resident status
  • Becoming a permanent resident through Express Entry
  • Finding a job in Canada
  • Landing as an immigrant and navigating customs
  • Getting your SIN, drivers license, and signing up for healthcare
  • Finding a home to rent or buy, including financing
  • Understanding the Canadian healthcare system
  • Filing your Canadian taxes
  • Planning for retirement
  • How to become a Canadian citizen
Once you’re settled in Ontario, we have lots of information on how to make the most of your new life in Canada:
  • How the Canadian government system works
  • The history of Canada
  • Important things to understand about Canadian culture
  • The best of Toronto’s different neighborhoods
  • Day trips around Ontario
  • Places to visit around Canada

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Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada: Jorge

We’ve written about our personal experience moving to Canada, but Canada has hundreds of thousands of immigrants who all have their own story to tell. We’re working on sharing the experiences of other people who’ve moved to Canada. Please leave a comment if you're...

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Moving to Canada: Erick

We’ve written about our personal experience moving to Canada, but Canada has hundreds of thousands of immigrants who all have their own story to tell. We’re working on sharing the experiences of other people who’ve moved to Canada. Here's our first immigration...

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Where can I get help moving to Canada?

The best forums, blogs, and settlement resources. While Canada has one of the most user-friendly visa and immigration programs, it's common for us to come across instructions or requirements that just don't make sense given our particular circumstances. Thankfully,...

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A tax guide for Americans in Canada

By now you know that the US retains the right to tax your worldwide income so long as you retain your US citizenship, regardless of residency. You also know Canada taxes your worldwide income if you live in Canada. That may leave you wondering how any American can...

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A newcomer’s guide to filing taxes in Canada

If you’re a newcomer to Canada, you might be nervous about filing taxes in Canada for the first time. I’m going to walk you through what to expect when filing taxes in Canada as a newcomer. I’m not an accountant or lawyer, I’m an American living in Canada who files...

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Getting to know Canada

The toxic history of Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls has millions of visitors every year, yet the cities it connects are full of poverty, crime, and desperation. Most people want to hear about the falls themselves, death defying adventures and amazing engineering. Or they want to know the best spot to eat...

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The layover: 8 hours in Toronto

The shiny new Union-Pearson Express will get you from Pearson Airport (YYZ) to Union Station in 30 minutes. Take this time to charge your phones and get in a quick catnap. You’ve already seen your first Toronto landmark: Union Station. Look across the street and...

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A remote workers guide to downtown Vancouver

My first trip to Vancouver was a bit of a whirlwind. I was there for -- believe it or not -- in-person all day meetings. I still managed to walk my feet off and explore downtown. But only downtown. For that reason, we’re going to pretend Mount Pleasant and all the...

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Parks Canada sites near Toronto

When people think of Canadian parks, Banff immediately comes to mind. Luckily for those of us in Toronto, that’s hardly the only Parks Canada site worth visiting. There are lots of national sites that are accessible from Toronto without a flight or an epic road trip....

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Why you want the Mobile Passport app

US Customs and Border protection is getting hip with #mobilepasport, their Mobile Passport app. If you don't travel enough for a trusted traveler program to be worth it (it's always worth it, but to each his own) and you live in one of these cities, Mobile Passport...

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My first year in Canada

Today’s my Torontoversary! A year ago today I became a permanent resident of Canada. When we left Brooklyn for Toronto, there were certain things I knew I’d miss. Since we’d spent a good amount of time in Toronto before making it official (in fact, we had apartments...

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The remote worker’s guide to Ottawa

I moved to Canada without having ever visited Ottawa. Clearly I needed to visit Ottawa as soon as possible. If you've heard Ottawa is boring, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Friends in Toronto suggested Ottawa didn't have a lot to offer, but there was more than...

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2016 year in review

Most of this year was taken up with immigrating to Canada and then writing a book about the process. With both of us working full time, it’s been a busy year! It doesn’t feel like we’ve traveled much this...

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